free glitter text and family website at

free glitter text and family website at

On Valentines LOVE Day 2-14, 2005 , at 12:55pm, a Beloved World Leader in Lebanon Sheikh Rafic Hariri was assassinated by a horrible large explosion that killed many people, at Saint George Square in Beirut City – Lebanon (the City he rebuilt).


     I heard this horrible shocking news while in Los Angeles, and shared with the Lebanese this painful loss and hurt and felt their pain and sorrow.  It injured the hearts of Millions who loved him and mourned his death.   I met this Great Legend Godly Man and Father Rafic Hariri, as I shared with him my promise and my wish to do something for Lebanon as a Lebanese American Citizen, as after I had published “Kuwait International Directory 1994” for the country of my birth Kuwait, a Lebanese Man asked me to write to the world about Great Sheikh Rafic Hariri and to meet with him.  So today I delivered my Promise, as I feel him smiling on us from Heaven.

     So I, we promise to continue your mission and to support your Great Son Sheikh Saad of Lebanon and the Future, for the Truth and Justice to prevail. Hoping to carry on your flame, the flame of Liberty, Victory, and Peace to Lebanon, that we all love as you did. 

     I dedicate my work for Lebanon to all who love Lebanon, to you and to the millions who cried for your loss, Beloved Sheikh Rafic: the lover of Lebanon and the Lebanese, the loving father for many, as you are still and will always be alive in our hearts, your memory and achievements are alive.  You sacrificed your life as a Martyr for Beloved country Lebanon and the Future of Lebanon and Mankind, when you refused the wrong against evil powers and threats, and that caused you your life.  But also your bloodshed made over a million Lebanese people rise and march at martyr’s Square on March 14th,, 2005, and caused the fall of the bad government and caused the Independence of Lebanon from Syrian Regime after 20 years of occupation, and the creation of Cedar Revolution and March 14th  Allies.  This was a very Peaceful Revolution, no injuries, the beginning of what evolved later years in 2011, in other countries in the Middle East like Tunis, Egypt, Jordan and Syria.  Sadly, many more explosions followed and great men were assassinated in Lebanon after him from March 14th allies. 

     I wish to tell the World, to the ones who know you and ones who don’t know you yet about your greatness as a World Leader, as a Good Godly Faithful Muslim Sunni good man who loved his country Lebanon and the Lebanese, and were loved and respected by many world leaders, and by millions, and what you did to Beloved Lebanon, to help the Lebanese people, and your sacrifices.  He donated to help many needy families, as well by educating over 33,000 Lebanese students at local and foreign colleges and universities.  Many other Lebanese of all denominations has the wealth he had, but they don’t have the generous heart and willingness he had to do what he did, and I hope that new names of wealthy Lebanese men (Christians and Muslims) will rise to do the same and help in funding many needy students in Lebanon for their education.

     He was born in Saida, a kind ambitious faithful boy who honored and helped his parents, worked in their land, even picked olives from trees.  Then he succeeded at his work in construction in Saudi Arabia, so he brought his wealth and expertise to help rebuild Lebanon, and he did rebuilt Beirut City.  He respected and befriended many world leaders of all Denominations, even he visited the Pope with his family more than once.  He revived Lebanon case to World Attention.  To learn more go to his websites:,

    Many of his sayings in his speeches are posted on his site, one I list what he said about Beirut:

     “We started from Beirut, as we want it to be the Capital of the Middle East and the World, a horizon for modern culture and a symbol for all that is beautiful and dear to our hearts”.


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