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I wish to share with you my condolenses as I mourn for lebanon’s loss of all assassinated martyrs of March 14 from 2005-2007 , and All other Martyrs, who were great men and leaders who loved and cared for Lebanon and its people.

I share the pain and sorrow of all who mourned for  you, as I was watching all events on TV while living in Los Angeles, I saw your cries and heard your voices high.

I dedicate all my work to your souls in Heaven where u belong.  God have mercy on your souls.

Despite all the blood shed during the long Lebanese war back in 1975, even the last years hat has seen the withdrawal of the Syrian Army 2005,..Lebanon suffered huge painful loss of Great Martyr Sheikh Rafic Hariri after his Assasination on Valentines Love Day 2-14, 2005,  then followed by horrible assassinations , one after the other, by explosions.

Late Pierre Gemayel said: “I am celebrating with you, I am watching over you from Heaven and on my Beloved country Lebanon , so it would prosper again in goodness and in Peace, as I dreamed of it, …wish you well… 

Prime Minister of Lebanon Fouad Siniora gives a beautiful speech after Pierre Gemayel assassination. He gives his good bye to him and every other anti-Syrian Minister and journalist that has been assassinated since Rafik Hariri’s assassination. Of course not even “1” Pro-Syrian Minister or journalist was assassinated nor have they received any threats. It is not hard to open your eyes to see. My young Lebanese brothers, it isn’t too late, my young Shiite brother, what will we do? Will you sacrifice your religion for your people? Or will sacrifice your people for your religion? This is a question we all had to ask our selves…

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