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free glitter text and family website at    Rise for Love and take action to Help Save Lebanon and share in its prosperity:

Please read this urgent message below, sharing issues, problems and solutions:

     I am reaching out to all the Lebanese Immigrants with this message, in a crying voice to reach your hearts, asking you to join me to help and save Lebanon, by truly loving our precious homeland Lebanon, then Rising for such great love and take actions with strong affirmative stand, not just by words and feelings.


     Lebanon is in danger, and need to be saved from all threats, seen and unseen.  If we lose Lebanon, we’ll be lost.  No place on earth can substitute for Lebanon – our treasure homeland Lebanon, land of our fathers and grandfathers, land of many martyrs and great men who sacrificed their lives and blood, to save Lebanon and keep it democratic independent.

     Immigrants have a duty of love when they can, and many can indeed, to give time and  to support and help in many ways, not only their families, their loved ones, their parents mothers & fathers, sisters and brothers, but other Lebanese too.

     Lebanon doesn’t only need your money, Lebanon needs you, your presence and sharing.  Lebanon needs that you return and come back to visit often, to rebuild your father’s and grandfather’s homes.  We need to buy our land back from many foreigners, who are trying to occupy our land, and change its original identity.

     Help includes not only financial help, but with giving their time to help and love and share and be there when needed.  To register and vote in our next elections 2013 to support the right government and March 14, for sake of all the blood shed.


     Many immigrants are busy with their materialistic lives, with their Real Estate owned abroad, and in gathering money, buying more stocks …which many lost millions few years ago, wish they had invested that in buying land in Lebanon instead…

     Many immigrants are only helping their own family and relatives, …

     But that is not enough, what are you doing for your country and for your fellow Lebanese who are crying for help, for the thousands of families who are poor and needy, for the thousands of Children who are out of school cause their parents can’t afford to pay their school tuitions, for the thousands of youth who wish to continue their university education but can’t afford it, for the thousands of acres sold to strangers not Lebanese, buying out our Lebanon, while we as Lebanese are not allowed to buy land in their countries, why are we allowing them..

“Love feelings alone are not enough if not joined with actions.  Love is shown through what we do for Love”.


     When we believe in God, and as God is Love, then we believe in Love to prevail, then we would share his/our love with all around us , as we reach out with works of mercy and compassion, then we would

     We are committed as loyal American Lebanese Citizens  to help our country the USA and Lebanon and their people, through all our endeavors to make a difference in the world.


     To honor and serve God and his teachings of Love and Benevolence, by educating people about the good religious, moral and Social Values to strengthen their faith in God.

     To be Ambassadors between Civilizations, through our Forums for Cultural & Religious Dialogue.

     There is no joy like the joy of giving hope and seeing a happy smile of a needy child, adult or senior.

     We should sacrifice for Love, for our family and for our country.  We must work hard together hand in hand to save Lebanon and help by doing the following:

1.  Lebanon needs your vote in the next elections 2013.


2.  Lebanon needs you to invest in your homeland, Invest in Lebanon ‘s future…  build factories, let the local Lebanese find jobs so they stay and don’t leave..

3.  Purchase land, build in your land, and only sell property to your fellow Lebanese , and not to others..

4.  Economy in Lebanon

     Save your money in Lebanons’ Banks, the best most stable in the world, as our Banking system is private: Banking secrecy law.  Despite all recession in America and Europe, Lebanon had show in last  24 years growth in GDP and stability in its economic situation.

     Rise for Love and take action to help save Lebanon and share in its prosperity:



Visit your country, family and friends more often, yearly at least.


Many immigrants get busy with their routine work life, families and with material life, they forget their parents and their families in Lebanon, their hearts are hardened and they lose that love feeling.  Why?


When u visit beloved Lebanon, you benefit and get filled with passion and love being around family and loved ones as much as your loved ones need you, your family and country,

Support Tourism the no. 1 source of income for the country.

How important for the  children of Lebanese origin to visit the country of their parents and grandparents.


Remember also to tour not only for fun entertainment tours but also for spiritual and/or Christian pilgrimage to grow spiritually and feel God’s love and presence and know more about your calling in life..


Many Mothers whom their sons or daughters live abroad are crying daily and praying wishing to see their far away loved ones.  I remember how my grandmother was always crying missing us.


Sponsor Children and Youth with their Education.

There are thousands of children in 2010 who didn’t go to school because their parents couldn’t afford to pay their tuitions..especially at private schools.  As well at many governmental schools, as they didn’t receive any financial grants that year, like before.

We need to

I plan with our application through our charity to help needy children and youth focusing on their education fees for students in schools, colleges and universities.

Pls sponsor or adopt a child or more as many as u can..

Help and Donate to a poor need family.

Donate directly to the needy   connect it to donate page at .org

Many many lebanese families and seniors are needy for financial help to pay for their basic needs of food and medicine and clothing, etc.  but we don’t know about them and we don’t hear their cries because Lebanese people have integrity so they don’t show it, but had been praying for God’s help and their strong faith is what is keeping them alive, knowing God will never forsake them.  But they’re weary and sad…


Cause of problem: The inflation of high cost of consumer products, is a one major cause, Past war is another, as well many are  unemployed, or are employed with very low salaries, not enough to cover all their needs.  Many are widows with children, who lost their husbands at war.  Many are seniors who can’t work and have no secured income.

Invest in Paradise Leban0n, and Share in its prosperity.

We must save our holy land Lebanon from foreign investors buying it out…It belongs to the Lebanese mainly,

The saying: “Lucky who has a sheep’s place in Lebanon”.. yes lucky who owns even a little corner of land in Lebanon, it is the best life investment.

We Lebanese must buy our land back as well we must buy property available for sale from other Lebanese who need to sell.

We can share in prosperity of Lebanon by investing in projects and build factories and real estate buildings , that will contribute to adding jobs to many local Lebanese youth and adults, to help them stay and not travel abroad for work.


Message to all Lebanese:

By Our Great Bishop George Saliba (of Mount Lebanon for the Syrian Orthodox Christian Church), at a TV interview by Telelumiere (Noursat TV- Mrs. May Mansour October 18,2008):

“How much is asked of the Lebanese to care about their homeland country, Love alone is not enough, it is important, but Love should be combined with Action.  The human being proves his words with actions. And that is how Victoria is guiding us to something good.  There is an Arabic Poet who says: “We need Actions and not sweet words”.  That is why we call on our people, we call on our Lebanese people, all the Lebanese from all religions, Muslims and Christians of all denominations, to Love Lebanon, and the one who loves his country, loves his God, for God’s Love comes from loving our brother and neighbor and love of country.  Love of Country is above all other Love after God’s Love, why?  Because it is the place that gathers us as brothers, the place that makes us reconcile.  The place that we connect our destiny to.  And what is a nicer destiny than that when the person is loving to this Precious homeland country Lebanon, God’s Land, in Syriani Language, “Lubnan” means God’s Heart, so we live in God’s Heart. Don’t only say that God lives in my heart, but I also live in God’s Heart.  So we live in God’s Heart.  These words I like to hear.

We congratulate my daughter Victoria Kaldawi for her mission, and all what she is doing.


We say Lebanon is two parts, the Local and the Immigrant.  And the importance of the Immigrant Lebanon is not less from the importance of the local Lebanon.  Each one of us has a role to accomplish.  So with our cooperation, our responsibility and our acceptance of the holy mission, we present Lebanon’s mission, the Mission of Civilization, Education, Human Love, and Good Deeds to all people.”


For more messages of love to all Lebanese in Lebanon and Lebanese immigrants, go to Messages from Lebanon and Lebanese link….



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