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Thanks to:

I thank greatly my Beloved God & my Beloved King Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit for all his blessings and what he bestowed on me enabling me to deliver this Holy Mission of this Website for our Beloved Lebanon to the whole World, as he inspired me through the Holy Spirit in all its design and content to completion in his timing, to publish.

I thank greatly my Beloved Greatest Parents Elia & Late Angel Saint Mother Georgette who loved Lebanon so much and wished to visit before she passed away, both who stood by me and believed in me and supported me all my life, as well great thanks to my Beloved Brother Bassam for his continuous help and support to me all my life.  Thanks to my other brother Nassif too.

I thank all who helped me in this website project, as I consulted with writer-Publicist: Mr. Joseph Mouallem.

I thank the designers: structure designed by Chromovision (with offices in Jordan & USA), then SoloStudios, Joe in Hollywood, then the developers: Terrence Celestine and Mario Chappell, then the Hosting company: Startlogic and its great supportive Concierge Randy then all work with Alex Martin.

I thank all who helped me in my life, people, friends and colleagues, to be where I am today.

I thank the Ministry of Tourism of Lebanon for their support and videos, and last Minister Maroun    whom I met in 2009 when I published first site of

I thank the Lebanese TVs who interviewed with me, publicist : Nabil……., the great writer and poet: Mrs. May Mansour, great composer….. Peter Nehme…


I thank : all Lebanese and other non-lebanese who loved and helped Lebanon and Lebanese.


I thank Governments & Countries:


Thank you greatly to all presidents and governments, countries and its people who loved and helped Lebanon and its people in different ways…of charity…and investments such as (with no order of priority): Saudi Arabia, France, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, etc…..


We greatly appreciate the love of many to Lebanon….

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