Dear Angel Donor and Sponsor:

Sponsor Children & Youth with their Education:
Your Help for a Child or Teen in Lebanon with their Educational Tuition Fees is essential for helping many needy families, and for helping Save Lebanon, and will comfort many crying hearts of many parents who are struggling financially.  Many students were out of schools in Lebanon for the last few years due to their Family’s financial hardship.
Please fill in this form so we can contact you with our student application.
We will assign you at least one student to help per your submission.
We will give you semi- annual and yearly report of their grades and a letter from them often to thank you for your kind help and support.
The School Fees with a Receipt, will be paid directly to the educational institution on Student behalf, while other personal fees will be paid to Student family directly. 
Yearly School Tuition Fees: $
Yearly Transportation Fees: $
Cost of Books: $
Other Personal Costs (Food, etc.): $
Reason for Applying for Scholarship:
God Lord Jesus Christ bless you always and prosper you and reward you abundantly with Long Happy Healthy LIfe full of Love, Peace, Joy and wealth.

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