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“On the Footsteps of Sheikh Rafic, The Covenant of Loyalty renewed & continued with his Son Saad of Lebanon”.

      I am pleased to honor our Great Leader his Excellency Sheikh Saad Al-Hariri, who reigned to continue his Beloved Father Legacy, work and giving for Lebanon after the sad assassination of Late Great Sheikh Rafic Hariri.  In a short period since he joined the Political field, when his family elected him in April 2005 to carry on his Dad’s position, he won in the parliament same year, and led the March 14th to Victory.  He became the Prime Minister of Lebanon 2009-2011, and is a Parliament Member and the Leader of the Future Movement since 2005, that was founded by his beloved Father Rafic.


     I am one of millions of Lebanese who respect, honor and support Sheikh Saad, from seeing his actions since he led, and it is my duty to honor him when I am presenting Lebanon to the World.


     He is destined from God and chosen to accomplish good work on Earth, for Paradise Lebanon, the land of the Message of Peace, and for the World, supported by God’s Power, to conquer and accomplish what his beloved Dad wished to do for Lebanon and its people. He does supported by his Strong Faith in God, his Strong Will, his Strong Love, his gifted wisdom and patience that helps him endure all the hard times and challenges he faced, his obedience to God’s will and belief in Peace and Dialogue and Brotherhood, not in wars and killings. His Leadership has no boundaries, and his accomplishments are beyond political positions, for his good work will be filled with Victory for Goodness and Peace to prevail on Earth.


     Sheikh Saad Al-Hariri is a Great Heroic Leader, Wise Strong Courageous, Generous & Caring, loving to all people, so all his actions contribute to love and inspiration, to help and make a difference in the world, to bring a smile to a sad person. He helped many needy people when others didn’t. He donated to many humanitarian projects in Lebanon and to many needy families. He dedicates his life mission to help Lebanon and its people in many ways to contribute to prosperity of Lebanon.


     Since he joined in 2005, after the Assassination of his beloved Father whom he loved and cherished very much, as he had mentioned that he didn’t know how he can live without him; he kept facing many tragic horrible events with Lebanese people caused by many assassinations that continued for years, losing many friends and loved ones from March 14th, who stood by him, like Late Jubran Twaini, Pierre Jimayel, Waleed Ido, Antoine and many more.


     He is a World Leader, continuing his Father’s International Relations with all countries’ leaders and presidents.  He had visited many countries and met with many leaders, of France (Presidents Jacque Chiraq and Sarkousi), USA (Bush & Obama), Saudi Arabia (Late King Fahd & King Abdullah), Kuwait, UAE, Russia, Turkey, Italy, the Vatican (the Pope).. all his relations contributed to better relations with Lebanon and helped with signing trade and business contracts that contribute to economical growth of Lebanon. And also to thank them for their support to Lebanon.  To know more about him, his Bio, his achievements and projects he contributed to in Lebanon, go to


     We Love you and Salute you. God Lord Jesus Christ bless you always with Happy Healthy long life full of Love, Peace, success and prosperity.

     I thank you greatly for all what you have done and is still doing for Lebanon and the Lebanese

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