free glitter text and family website at


free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at

Dear Member,

     We are seeking good Lebanese Stories about Lebanon, about Lebanese in Lebanon and Lebanese immigrants related to the following points.  So I would appreciate if you can share with us your story and of someone related to you or you know:

1. Stories about your faith, after your prayers, the joyous miracles of healing and deliverance that you received. So Share with us your Testimonies of Miracles of Faith that happened to you or someone you know, from prayers to God, to King Lord Jesus Christ and intercession prayers to Mother Mary, to Lebanese Saints and to other Saints. 

2. Stories about your love to Lebanon, what did you do to your country.

3. Stories about you’re having to leave Lebanon.

4. Stories about war, and what happened to you at war and because of war.

5. Stories about your parents or grandparents, about someone’s sacrifice for Love, Love of Family and for Love of Lebanon.


     To submit your story, please email us at the contact page and sign the enclosed Release Form to give us full rights to publish your story to the public, on our website and in our productions.


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