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      I Dedicate this page to our beloved Lebanese Army, who are our Heroes, our Guardians, great strong men.  I tell you when I visited Lebanon last, I saw the light in the faces of every army Soldier I met at some check points.  I saw Peace, Strength, Power from above, and clean spirits.  Our Army is composed of Good Faithful Godly Men, who are sacrificing their lives to protect and save Lebanon from any hurt.


    The Lebanese Army is made of all Lebanese from every religion: Christians, Muslims and Drouz, all fight together as one body for one Lebanon.   And yes we fight and die together too.  I remember, this incident in the south at the borders,  bombs hit on the army location, 3 men died: one Christian and one muslim soldier, and one Christian journalist who happened to be there reporting.   


     Since Lebanon’s Independence, the Lebanese Army is our Shield of Lebanon, It is the most respectful governmental establishment, as we passed through a lot of hard deadly wars with Israel, Palestinians, and civil wars (Lebanese among themselves, Christians and  other Christians, Christians and Muslims, Drouz and Christians).


     I pray to God Lord Jesus Christ to bless our Lebanese Army and keep them safe and strong.  May Peace Prevail , no more wars.

The official website of our Lebanese Army:

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