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Voices Crying for help,  from many hurt and needy Lebanese due to many Issues,  reaching out to all Lebanese Immigrants around the world..  to all Lebanese men and women who are capable of helping Lebanon and the Lebanese, to Save Lebanon….and to resolve many issues for  Peace & Prosperity and to Support Unity of all Lebanese.


     I started this page because I have been watching for years, and I heard on Lebanese TV networks cries and pleads of many Lebanese people, including many priests and bishops, political and spiritual leaders of every denomination, calling for help and unity to save Precious Lebanon, calling all Lebanese immigrants to return home or at least to help in many ways listed on this site.  I heard their cries and I felt so hurt and touched as I felt the need to share their hurt and pain with you and publicize it more, that they don’t show much due to their genuine personalities and pride, but they keep praying to God with strong faith.  So I hope you feel and hear them too and take good actions to help, to make a difference, to love Lebanon truly, to do all you can… We have faith in God and in you.  I hope that these messages reach to all people, especially to the over Ten Million Lebanese immigrants who can and have a duty of Love to their homeland Lebanon.

          You are welcome to send us more reaching out messages to share on this site, and I will be posting more in text and video in the near future.

          I will be posting more messages in text and videos soon.


Message From Bishop George Saliba, what he spoke on October 18,2008 during Telelumiere Interview with me and him.

“How much is asked of the Lebanese to care about their homeland country, Love alone is not enough, it is important, but Love should be combined with Action.  The human being completes his words with actions. And that is how Victoria is guiding us to something good.  There is an Arabic Poet who says: “We need Actions and not sweet words”.  That is why we call on our people, we call on our Lebanese people, all the Lebanese from all religions, Muslims and Christians of all denominations, to Love Lebanon, and the one who loves his country, loves his God, for God’s Love comes from loving our brother and neighbor and love of country.  Love of Country is above all other Love after God’s Love, why?  Because it is the place that gathers us as brothers, the place that makes us reconcile.  The place that we connect our destiny to.  And what is a nicer destiny than that when the person is loving to this Precious homeland country Lebanon, God’s Land, in Syriani Language, “Lubnan” means God’s Heart, so we live in God’s Heart. Don’t only say that God lives in my heart, but I also live in God’s Heart.  So we live in God’s Heart.  These words I like to hear.

We congratulate my daughter Victoria Kaldawi for her mission, and all what she is doing, and we thank greatly Telelumiere who is  presenting her to people from all denominations and races.   And then eventually, to transfer this image to outside of Lebanon.  We say Lebanon is two parts, the Local and the Immigrant.  And the importance of the Immigrant Lebanon is not less from the importance of the local Lebanon.  Each one of us has a role to accomplish, so with our cooperation and our responsibility and our acceptance of the holy mission, we present Lebanon’s mission, the Mission of Civilization, Education, Human Love, and Good Deeds to all people”.


Messages for Lebanon: Peace

*By Mr. Saleh A.F. from Kuwait: who is a very good Kuwaiti friend to many Lebanese, who loves Lebanon dearly and its people and visits often for tourism, posted 11-22,2010:

“To all my LEBANESE friends: As today is the National Day of your beloved country, I recall that moment when Lebanon was the gleaming point to other societies seeking for values to live with their political, social, & economic parts of life.  LEBANON deserves to replay that role again, and new generation needs to know that they are the vital part of it. I wish your country a bright future with safe & prosperous life.”

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