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          There are many Lebanese & Non-Lebanese Celebrities, World Leaders & other Professionals who praised and quoted about Lebanon. 

I wish to share with you such quotes and testimonials.  We welcome your help in emailing us any new good quotes on Lebanon by anyone you refer, that we can publish to this page.  Please do so..

 By Religious Leaders:

*By Pope Benedict XVI-June 06, 2010, who visited Lebanon September 14-16th, 2012:

“In spite of their faith being tested like gold in a fire, the Maronites remained constant in the faith of their fathers, a faith which has now been passed on to you”.


*By Late Pope John Paul II, during his Holy Visit to Lebanon:


“LEBANON IS MORE THAN A COUNTRY, IT IS A MESSAGE”, It is a message of freedom and an example of pluralism for East and West.”


*By Maronite Patriarch Bishara Al-Rai : 

   “Lebanon is the Land of Sainthood.  Lebanon Gave great Saints.  Lebanon is the Land of Love, not hatred, Land of living in harmony, not division, Land of Unity”; Lebanon is God’s land, Let us renew our trust”


*By Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir 8-1,2006:


“Lebanon was and still is a living example of coexistence and perhaps this is the characteristic that is vexing those who want to destroy it.”

     “The Lebanese people, regardless of which sect they belong to, cannot say that they are deeply divided as “they are all indebted to Lebanon.  He stressed to MTV that Lebanon is currently better off than some Arab countries, adding that it will “always remain the safest and most peaceful nation in the region.”


     *By Bishop George Saliba, of Christian Syrian Orthodox Church – Mount Lebanon:

“Love of Country is above all other Love after God’s Love, why?  Because it is the place that gathers us as brothers, the place that makes us reconcile….  The place that we connect our destiny to.  And what is a nicer destiny than that when the person is loving to this Precious homeland country Lebanon, God’s Land, in Syriani Language, “Lubnan” means God’s Heart, so we live in God’s Heart. Don’t only say that God lives in my heart, but I also live in God’s Heart.  So we live in God’s Heart.  These words I like to hear.

We say Lebanon is two parts, the Local and the Immigrant.  And the importance of the Immigrant Lebanon is not less from the importance of the local Lebanon.

We present Lebanon’s mission, the Mission of Civilization, Education, Human Love, and Good Deeds to all people”.


By Political World Leaders:

*By Great Martyr late Sheikh Rafic Al-Hariri:

     “We started from Beirut, as we want it to stay the Capital for our country Lebanon, and a Horizon of openness and a symbol for all what is beautiful and dear to our hearts, for the Arabs, the Middle East and for the World.  Beirut has faced a lot of hardships and challenged a lot.  We are attached to our traditions, our unity and principles.”   


 *By Our Great Leader Sheikh Saad Rafic Al-Hariri:






*By former U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey D. Feltman, December 8, 2007:


     “The Lebanon that I am leaving soon has retained all those wonderful qualities that so impressed me when I first encountered this beautiful country; a talented, cosmopolitan, and energetic people; a lively and free media; a respect for diversity; and deep democratic traditions. …Moreover, I am sure that all U.S. Ambassadors after me will, like me, continue to marvel at the creativity and courage of the Lebanese people”


By Poets:

*By Gibran Khalil Gibran:

     “If Lebanon wasn’t my Country, I would have Chosen it to be my country”

     “My Lebanon is a serene mountain sitting between the sea and the plains, like a poet between one eternity and another.

My Lebanon is one who leans his head upon his arm in the shadow of the Holy Cedars, oblivious to all save God and the light of the sun.”


You have your Lebanon and its dilemma. I have my Lebanon and its beauty. Your Lebanon is an arena for men from the West and men from the East. My Lebanon is a flock of birds fluttering in the early morning as shepherds lead their sheep into the meadow and rising in the evening as farmers return from their fields and vineyards. You have your Lebanon and its people. I have my Lebanon and its people.” Mirrors of the Soul


*By Nizar Qabani:

     “Lebanon is an important Beauty Culture Heritage for this region and the World, and if Lebanon didn’t exist, then it is our duty to create it.”


     *By Said Akel:


     “From this small country, we travel the World, we challenge the World, people and countries, and we build wherever we want a Lebanon”.


 By Other Lebanese Celebrities, Professionals, etc.:

      *By Consul General of Lebanon John Makaron:

     “History proves again that Lebanon has been a Peace-Loving Nation, contributing actively to a better civilization, from helpoing to bring about the Alphabet, to bearing a part in founding the U.N. through an active participation in forging the humanitarian charter of rights.”


        *By his honor Judge James Kaddo:

“We, as the beneficiaries of that cultural and traditional Lebanese legacy, owe a duty to those pioneers to carry forth to future generations those qualities that have distinguished us as a people.”




     *By Minister of Interior ……….Baroud:



*By Senator Nabil Bu-Friej:





*By Dr. Hanna Shammas, M.D.

     “Our Lebanese heritage with all the strong values it bestowed on us is something to be proud of.”


     *By Lina Kreidie:

     “We the Lebanese, have such a village.  We have always been and continue to be an example of coexistence in which harmony and strife alternate.  The world can at least learn from our harmony and when it comes to strife, learn how to survive & rebuild.”


*By Lebanese Immigrant:

“Home is where the heart is!

Lebanon will always be my country and my home, no matter where I live.

War and fear is what I grew up to know. But I also grew up learning the difference between good and bad, between right and wrong. I was taught to be helpful, strong and faithful regardless of the influence of the bad. This is what Lebanon is all about. I cherish every day I lived in Lebanon, I don’t regret it, I miss it and I know that one day I will return.”

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