free glitter text and family website at

free glitter text and family website at

Our Great Beloved President and our Father Michel Suleiman:      

     We Salute your Excellency with great Honor, and send our greetings and wishes to your Excellency and to our Beautiful First Lady Mrs. Wafaa. We celebrated when you were elected. It is a definite sign from God, to bring powerful Christian Commander Leader like your Excellency, after waiting for two years with no President.

    We Lebanese and Lebanon are blessed to have such a great leader like your Excellency, whose God sent, to rescue and lead Lebanon to prosperity and Peace under your wings.

    We love and support you, we inspire you and stand up with you and wish to help you and Beloved Lebanon in any way we can.

    We thank you for all you did and you’re doing for Lebanon. 

   I am pleased to enclose to viewers, links to the official Website  of your  Excellency and a link to your Excellency’s Biography at:


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