Each one of us has a role to accomplish in life for God, for Love, for our family and loved ones, for our Beloved Country, for our Beloved Homeland God’s Paradise Lebanon.  So with our cooperation, our responsibility and our acceptance of the holy mission, we present Lebanon’s mission, the Mission of Peace, Civilization, Education, Human Love, and Good Deeds to all people.

    Let us unite to help save our Precious Homeland LebanonUnity is power and Victory for us.  To love every other Lebanese from every denomination.  The Christian Lebanese are divided and our power is with unity. The unity of Christians and Muslims and Druz, is essential for Lebanon’s Prosperity.


    We need to save the existence of the Christians in the Middle East and in Lebanon. Yes Lebanon is in danger still, of occupation, of changing its democracy and its Independence.


   Lebanon is given the opportunity nowadays to play an important role in the Middle East and the World, because and despite all local problems, it is still the Light of the Middle East.  The  Lebanese people in general has the deep conviction that 25 years of wrong wars and wars of others, all on Lebanon soil, are more than enough.  The Lebanese people has learned a hard lesson, they know that this country was found of Christians and Muslims, and this is how it’s going to stay.


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