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There are many great Lebanese men and women who made a unique difference in every country they resided in and immigrated to, inspired by their great culture and civilization.  Many took their success to benefit Lebanon and helped in many ways, whether their families and their country.

There are many renowned Lebanese Politicians, Businessmen, Doctors, Lawyers, Movie Stars, Celebrities, Singers, Producers, Judges, Writers, etc.   

The Small Lebanon represented by its people, came to all the larger nations and countries, and mingled with great people, and loved its new homes and considered it as his/her homeland too.

          Lebanese mingle and socialize with different people, they are very friendly, hospitable and adventerous.  They married from different cultures, they like to travel and conquer new venues as they dare to face the unknown, with their strong faith in God, to improve their lives and help their families and make a difference everywhere they go.

          I am honored to introduce few names of many, as I enclose links for more details about Lebanese Celebrities. 

Lebanon gave many Unique men and women:

Names Like Dany Thomas who established St. Jude Hospital, the Great writer Gibran Khalil Gibran, who immigrated to USA, and wrote all his newer books in English while he lived between Boston and New York.

In Hollywood:

Great Actors like the Monk Tony Shalhoub, Salma Hayek, Queen Victoria of Sheba… and many more… to be added soon..

Great Singers like Shakira, ……

Great producers like Elie Samaha, Mario Kassar,…

Great Directors like Tom Shedyaq..

In Law:

Great Judges like his honor James Kado in Los Angeles..

Great Lawyers like Adib Zaghour.


In Medicine: Great Doctors like Philip Salem, Elias Ayyoub, Antoine Hajj, William Audeh, etc.

In Politics like: Dennis Zein, Senator ….

In other Business fields Businessmen like:

Carlos Gosn

Jack Nasr

Nicholas Hayek who founded Smart Car in Los Angeles.

George Aachi ……invented the Robot,    went to Mars….


Watch these Videos:

*Lebanese celebrities & Most famous Lebanese people:


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Links to more info on Lebanese Celebrities Worldwide:


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