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     I realized it is very important to share with all people, and confirm the True Holy Unique Facts about Lebanon’s great civilization and culture as the homeland of the Message of Peace, and of many Saints , which was visited by King Lord Jesus Christ and his disciples, as it is mentioned with its cedars and cities, around 257 times in the Holy Bible:

***Lebanon over 65 times.

***Its Cedars 75 times.

***Its Cities:  Tyre (Sour City- South of Lebanon) 59 times.

***Sidon (Saida City- South of Lebanon) 49 times.

***Byblos 4 times.

as well as Phoenicia (Ancient Name) 5 times.

Holy Facts About Holy Lebanon

1.  The name LEBANON appears 71 times in the Old Testament. 

2.  The name CEDAR (Lebanon’s tree) appears 75 times too in the Old Testament.

3.  The name TYRE (today named Sour, in South of Lebanon) appears 59 times too in the Old Testament. 

4.  The name SIDON (today Saida, South of Lebanon) appears 49 times too in the Old Testament. 

5.   The name BYBLOS (today named: Jbeil) appears 4 times too in the Old Testament. 

6.  The name PHOENICIA (Original Lebanese) appears 5 times too in the Old Testament. 

7.  According to Christianity as mentioned in the Holy Bible that our Lord Jesus Christ visited south of Lebanon (Tyre & Sidon), and he performed Miracles of healings and preached to the crowds. Also there is still a debate about the wedding of Qana and Lord Christ first Miracle of turning water into wine, whether it happened in Qana in Nazareth-Galil or in Qana-Galil South Lebanon.

8.  King Solomon built GOD’S TEMPLE using Lebanon’s Cedar trees with help of Phoenician (the original Lebanese) Engineers, as the famous Cedars of Lebanon were valued as building materials in the ancient world.  For references in the Holy Bible.

9.   “The Cedars of Lebanon are called the Cedars of God”, and this is why Lebanon is called “God’s Country on Earth.”

10.      The highest cross is built on top of mountain in Lebanon. Lebanon’s Maronite Christian Church inaugurated a towering, lighted cross as a sign of unity among the world’s people.  The cross soars more than 240 feet (73 meters) into the air and has 1,800 spotlights and is located in the mountain village of Qanat Bekish, according to the Rev. Farid Doumit, a Maronite priest in the village.  Building the cross took about two years and cost some US$1.5 million, which mainly came from donations from the Maronite Church, which is in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church and under the authority of the pope, and a French Catholic group. The cross stands near a church that dates to 1898.

11.      Lebanon is a pluralistic society with 18 different religious communities, a combination of Christians,  Muslims and Drouz and a parliament split equally between Christians and Muslims..  So far, almost 40% of the Lebanese people are Christians (this is the highest percentage in all the Arab countries).   Lebanon is also the only Arab country with a Christian head of state.

12.      All Muslims honor and Love Mother Mary so much.  The government of Lebanon initiated in 2010 to Celebrate Mother Mary day as a National Holiday on March 25th, of every year for Christians and Muslims together.  As well the Holy Site of Mother Mary in Harissa is visited greatly by Muslims from Lebanon and other countries.

13.      Lebanese army is composed of Christians and Muslims and Drouz united, who fight together, protect and die for one another.

 I wished to share these Holy Facts for the following good reasons:

 1.    To help Peace to prevail, to bring Peace in the Middle East, for harmony in relations between East and West, and between Arabs & Israelis.

 2.  To enhance Lebanon’s good image against all the negative synchronized lying media against it.

3.    To assure the holiness of God’s Paradise Lebanon, as Lebanon and its cedars are mentioned both over 71 times in the Holy Christian Bible (in the Old Testament-the Torah-the Jewish section), plus other cities as Tyre, Sidon, and Byblos.

“This Precious homeland country Lebanon, God’s Land, in Syriani Language, “Lubnan” means God’s Heart, so we live in God’s Heart” as explained by Bishop George Saliba.

So I believe there is a plan of God in the near future, for peace to prevail from Lebanon, the center of the light of Christ and sainthood in the middle east, the homeland of the message, of peace and living in harmony.

4.    God spoke of Lebanon and praised Lebanon and its  Cedars in many visions to his prophets like Isaiah, Ezekiel.

5.  The Light of Christ, the Light of Truth came from the Middle East. All prophets and Messengers of God came from the Middle East.  Lebanon is part of the big land called Bilaad Al-Sham.  The seeds for harvest are planted starting from rising of Father Abraham in Iraq, to King Lord Jesus Christ in Palestine then.  They came with Message from God, to be obedient to him, to live with honesty and sincerity, to love our neighbors, to honor our parents, elders and teachers.

6.  To remind all people, especially Israel, who raged several wars and attacks against its Neighbor Country Lebanon since many years, that their Great King David and his Son the Great Wise King Solomon, both had Peace with Lebanon (the Phoenicians then) and with its King of Tyre, who was based in Tyre City, south of Lebanon, and King Solomon asked Pheonician Engineers and architects who build the Holy Temple of God using the Cedar’s Wood of Lebanon to build God’s House.

 7. King Solomon praised Lebanon and its Cedars (known to be the Cedars of God), in many of his songs as mentioned in the Holy Bible.  So He used the Cedars of Lebanon to build the temple of God with the expertise of its Phoenician engineers.

     I hope that Peace will prevail in Jerusalem, and in the Middle East soon among all people as I believe and hope that we the Lebanese with God’s plan for us we will help again and lead in building the New Church Temple of God.

     God’s plan is Uniting Christians, Muslims and Jews, hand in hand united as brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of same Father of all nations, Father Abraham , and his two sons Isaac and Ishmael.

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