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was built by Phoenicians from the Cedars of Lebanon


     It is an important holy historical fact documented in the Holy Bible, in the Old Testament (The Torah) that King Solomon built God’s Temple using the Wood of Lebanon Cedars’ Trees of God, with expertise help of Phoenician Engineers & Architects (the original Lebanese).  The famous Cedars of Lebanon were valued as building materials in the ancient world.  At times around 3000 years ago, of King David and his son King Solomon who is known to be the wisest King till King Christ (the Messiah), they were at Peace with Lebanon and its King of Hiram in Tyre, and with other neighboring countries.


   As I mentioned in other page of Holy Facts about Lebanon, that I hope and believe that it is God’s Will that the impossible Peace should and will prevail between Israel and its neighboring countries as War and Hatred should end, and all should resolve as brothers and sisters under One God and One Father Abraham, for the sake of Love of God and our Children and Future Generation who need and deserve to live in Peace and Harmony.  So when all people of God realize the truth that Christ is the Messiah, King of Peace and King of Kings,  and he is returning as promised to rule, and Lebanon will join and again have a role in rebuilding the Messiah Church Temple of God. Dreams come true.


    All in God’s will that Love, Peace and Harmony will prevail among all nations.


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