Through the years while I was planning to establish my mission Center in Los Angeles for my foundation, that is now built through my website to the world, I have prepared a study for our conference, since year 2004, about Cultural and Religious Dialogue and have been watching what is going on in the world, in Lebanon and in the Middle East. My mission to spread Love and Peace includes showing the power of unity and Love among people from all race and religion.

Lebanon qualifies to be the Center for Cultural and Religious Dialogue in the Middle East and in the World, due to many important factors that I wish to share with you:


1. Lebanon is a majestic beautiful holy land, geographically located in the center between the east and the west. It is a Role Model of how living in harmony and peace among many religions. Lebanon contains 18 religion sectors, from Christians of all denominations and Muslims (Sunni and Shia), & Drouz.

2. The Christians of Lebanon are different than many Christians in the world, and the Muslims of Lebanon are different than many Muslims in the world, except for same in Egypt and Syria, why? They are unique because they love one another greatly, they live together as neighbors in harmony and peace with mutual respect to one another, they eat together, they fight together in one army, they celebrate feasts together, even Mother Mary Day the 25th of March is a national Holiday and all share the honorable celebrations by both our Muslim brothers and by Christians on that day.
We share one Lebanon united hand in hand. We respect and love one another so dearly as one, even though of the differences in some of our teachings. We learned to live together.

3. Its’ Christian Leaders and priests speak the Arabic language, a common language with the Muslims, and both with its Muslim Sheikhs they are not prejudice to the other religions and are open to dialogue more than the west. On many events they met and celebrated to promote unity and harmony.

4. Lebanon is still the central power of Christians in the Middle East, as it is the only country in the Middle East that the President has to be Christian.

5. Lebanese people are educated and hospitable and friendly. Many speak more than one language as are taught in schools, the Arabic, English and French languages.

      As Lebanese who speak the Arabic Language, who lived in the Middle East with its Blessed Islamic Culture, we can best testify for the truth about the goodness of its people, to change the negative opinions of the west. We can conquer the media and the hearts and minds of people, to improve our image as Lebanese and Arabs from the Middle East where all the Prophets of God came from.

      After 9/11, the perception of the Middle East became bad, because of misleading media channels, showing opposite vision of the truth. Many Arab Americans of all religions Christians and Muslims are facing harsh discrimination and prejudice. There has been a movement toward crossing of cultures to lead to war, as an excuse and to control regions and countries and its economies and policies.

     Our role is to use our voices to influence and make a difference, through all our endeavors, to be Ambassadors between Civilizations, through our Forums for Cultural & Religious Dialogue, making a positive influence through the Informational tools, to lessen all prejudice and to bring a positive image about the Arab World, against all the negative media.

     A true and useful dialogue is one that introduces our rich historical culture, and also reveals a true picture of Islam and Christianity under One God, and paves the way for others to come to understand the religion and its values. A beneficial dialogue, whether between religions, civilizations or cultures, is based on common humanitarian principles and mutual respect, and that the goal should not be to do away with differences between people but preserve and celebrate those differences as sources of strength and wealth.

     Our goal is to help strengthen Public awareness and eventually lessen the burden on our Governments, reducing crime, prejudice and discrimination.

      Peace is what the World needs today, and it is solely the cure and treatment to all problems facing the contemporary world we dwell in, and where conflicts exceed the bounds, oppression predominates and injustice prevail. It is very important to all of us that our message turn into Worldly Actions and implemented for a Holy purpose in life.  The impact on our society will be immeasurable.

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