Hi, Welcome to the official website for my Beloved Country Lebanon-Paradise on Earth and a piece of Heaven : www.VisitParadiseLebanon.com, a Touristic, Investment, Educational, Economical. and Charitable site, created by Queen Victoria of Sheba, the Risen Queen of the South, since 2009 as Saving Paradise Lebanon. This website is to share our Great Modern Culture with the whole World, to invite all to visit Majestic Paradise Lebanon for Touristic and Spiritual & Christian Pilgrimage. For all to join me to Save Lebanon and to encourage all immigrants to visit, vote, help and sponsor many needy children and youth with their education, to do more for their homeland , for its Glory and prosperity.

A Holy Land of Love, Beauty, Art, Culture, Education, Tourism, Homeland of The Message of Peace, and Living in HarmonyMore...


Join Me For A Visit To God's Paradise

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com www.RHariri.com

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